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Inomo API Connect Developer Space.

Vehicle Status API

Keep tabs on your vehicle’s health using the “Vehicle Status” API. It retrieves essential parameters such as position, speed, SOC (State of Charge), and more. This API enables real-time monitoring of your vehicle’s performance, aiding in timely maintenance and efficient fleet management.

Vehicle Battery Health Status API

Ensure your vehicle’s battery is in optimal condition with the “Vehicle Battery Health Status” API. It provides insights into the battery’s state of health, charge level, and charging state. This API empowers users to track battery performance, anticipate maintenance needs, and maximize battery life.

Driving Behaviour API

Gain insights into driver behavior patterns with the “Driver Behavior” API. It analyzes various driving metrics such as acceleration, braking, speeding, and seat belt usage. This API facilitates monitoring and improving driver safety, efficiency, and compliance with regulatory standards.