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INOMO Connect API Documentation

Welcome to the INOMO Connect API documentation portal!

Our focus here is on providing seamless connectivity to Fleets with the FM (Fleet Management) system of your choice. Whether you are an OEM or a Logistics Operator, INOMO Connect API has you covered.

What is INOMO Connect API?

INOMO Connect API offers GraphQL APIs designed to facilitate connections to Fleets using the FM system of your preference. Developers can easily integrate these APIs for quick and efficient communication with the FM systems. The documentation includes comprehensive guides, SDKs, and examples to streamline the integration process.

Discover INOMO Connect APIs

INOMO Connect APIs are implemented using a GraphQL-first approach. The API specifications are provided in the GraphQL format, to understand the capabilities of the service without the need for access to source code, additional documentation, or network traffic inspection.

API Catalogue

To explore all available INOMO Connect APIs, refer to our API catalogue.

Note: We value your feedback! If you find anything unclear or encounter typos, please don't hesitate to provide feedback on our documentation guides. Your input is highly appreciated.

Happy coding!

The INOMO Connect Platform Team